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... and who doesn't?

The sources of stress with their debilitating effects on the body are almost too numerous to mention:  Air and water pollution, Pesticides, Radiation, Poor nutrition and supplementation, Insufficient rest, Lack of exercise, Smoking, Drug and alcohol abuse, Financial problems, Dysfunctional relationships at work and home,etc., just to name a few.  Stress can be mental, physical, social, spiritual, real, or imagined.  The source really doesn't matter.  The body views it as a threat to its stability and automatically reacts the same way through the "Fight or Flight" stress response mode.

The point is... Stress is a silent Killer!
It's a scientific fact that stress shortens your life!
The cells in your body will not... cannot... effectively function and heal themselves if they are under Stress!

Did you know according to the National Institute of Health (NIH), that as much as 90% of all major illnesses, diseases, and infectious ailments are directly linked to stress in our bodies?

Note: It's not that stress itself that causes a disease, it's that the immune system is forced to use up energy to fight of stress in the "fight or flight" mode, that would otherwise be used to maintain a healthy body.  When the immune system becomes so overtaxed or even overwhelmed, you can become vulnerable to disease.  Understand that this does not happen overnight, instead it is an accumulative process; an insidious one.  That's why they call stress "The Silent Killer," and thus the term "Stress will kill you!"  This is literally true!

So what to do?  You need to be proactive and find ways to reduce

The Natural Solution?
  Increase Circulation, Protect your Telomeres, and Reduce Inflammation, Pain, and Stress with non-invasive, no side effects, and drug-free...

Light Energy Therapy

Yes I know... you've probably never heard of it.  I had not either until about two years ago, so I know how you feel.  I felt the same way.  I thought how could something so basic and simple as "light" have such a powerful effect on the human body?  After extensive research I found out why.  My life-long interest in natural healing methods and some of my own aging issues eventually led me to discover and pursue this amazing modality.  Although I had taken pretty good care of myself over the years (Don't drink or smoke and don't take any prescription drugs), I had several "issues."  I had injured my rotator cuff while waterskiing several years ago and could not raise my right arm above horizontal without extreme pain.  I had developed painful "Rice Crispy Knees (Snap, Crackle, and Pop), was experiencing neuropathy in my feet, and had high blood pressure.  My life was becoming, well... limited.  And, I did NOT want to start taking drugs!

My research indicated that the common solution needed for each of these was more circulation Further research indicated that increased circulation (See Nitric Oxide below) was one of the most important results of Light Energy Therapy (LET).  In fact, each of my issues were resolved over a six week period using LET, for reasons that I will describe below.  I now have full, pain-free mobility of my right arm, I can run up and down stairs pain-free, my neuropathy is gone, and my blood pressure is in the normal range.  I became a happy camper again!  This prompted me to pursue the field of healthcare utilizing LET.

This is NOT to say that I am making any claims that LET will have the same benefits for you since we are like snowflakes... there are no two of us exactly alike.
  Your results will depend on many factors such as your genetics, your lifestyle choices, and the degree and length of time in which you have either intentionally or unintentionally been abusing your body, etc., when you walk through my door.

About me...
If you want to learn more about my background and how I became involved in light energy therapy, click on, or copy and paste  This is a "Community Spotlight" interview article published in the February 2013 edition of the Northwest Florida Natural Awakenings magazine shortly after I opened my practice.

Disclaimer:  Let me be clear right up front.  I am not a doctor and do not practice medicine, nor do I pretend or ever intend to do so.  Therefore, I do not Diagnose, Prescribe, Mitigate, Treat, or Cure anything.  Rather than just cover and treat the symptoms ... with dubious side effects, LET helps bring your body back towards its original energy balance so it can heal itself... naturally.  Your body is naturally and instinctively wired to do two things: 1. Survive, and 2. Attempt to stay in stability, in homeostasis... in balance.  I have taken all the courses, received all the training, passed all the exams, and accumulated all the practicum hours to become  professionally certified by the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences as a Quantum Light Energy Coach.  I am a professional who makes Light Energy Therapy available to fully-informed, consenting adults in a convenient, painless, responsible, affordable, and yes... drug-free manner.  If you have any medical issues, consult a reputable, licensed physician.  Caution:  Do NOT be surprised, annoyed, or discouraged to see a total lack of knowledge regarding LET.  I continue to see this myself.  This is NOT likely to be something the mainstream medical community has spent much time on.  However, in my humble opinion... LET will be the "Medicine of the Future."

OK, so what is Light Energy Therapy (LET)?
LET is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy, pulsed at research-proven frequencies, and applied directly to the body with flexible pads containing Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).  LET is a NASA-developed technology that has a 50-year-long history of highly successful use.  LET provides powerful photons of light energy that are matched to the original, natural, embryonic frequencies we were born with.  (See below. Very enlightening. No pun intended)
Google:  (Healing Frequencies, Dr. Paul Nogier) to learn more.
According to Dr. Nogier, "Sickness results when cells, molecules, or particles of matter are out of their normal resonance or vibratory pattern. By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonance frequencies associated with that tissue, healing often occurs, sometimes quite rapidly."

What does LET do?
LET energizes and rejuvenates at the cellular level, and helps to bring the body back into natural balance so it can heal itself.  A genius designed it.
As indicated above, Dr Nogier's research enabled him to determine that all tissues and organs throughout the body (which develop from three basic embryologic tissues: ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm), are in the resonance (sympathetic vibration) with specific frequencies.

Really?  How does LET actually help the body heal itself?

LET Increases Circulation, Protects the Telomeres, and Reduces Inflammation, Pain, and Stress.

: LET stimulates the body's natural production of Nitric Oxide which dilates the blood vessels, capillaries, and lymph system, thus greatly increasing circulatory function and efficiency.  It's called Vasodilation. Visit the USC news letter and read about Nobel prize winner, Dr. Louis Ignarro and his discovery of Nitric Oxide, "Miracle Molecule", at    Yes there may be Nitric Oxide potions and supplements you can take, but  my personal and professional point of view is:  Ask yourself "Why not stimulate and support your body's own natural function instead of taking some supplement?"  Once you start, your body's natural function is likely to atrophy to the point where it becomes permanently inoperative and you can become "locked into" and dependent upon adding an artificial substance into your body the rest of your life.  Does not sound like a wise scenario to me, but again that's just my opinion.  You will have to decide for yourself.  So, how important is Nitric Oxide?  As explained above, Nitric Oxide is a molecule that is naturally produced by the body.  It is a critically essential element to sustain a robust cardiovascular system and help head of early heart disease.  Unfortunately, at 40 we are only producing half of the Nitric Oxide we did at age 20, and by age 65, we are down to about 10%!  :-(  THAT's what got my attention two years ago!! It then should become no surprise that after age 65, heart disease becomes THE #1 cause of death... even above Cancer.

  Our cells are the lowest level in our body that have the ability to replicate themselves over and over.  The cells consist of numerous complex "organelles" such as Mitochondria, Chromosomes, and of course DNA, etc.  Like LET... most people have never heard of Telomeres.  Telomeres are the protective "end caps" of our DNA that maintain stability and integrity.  Most importantly, they are the biomarkers of our longevity.  Why?  As our DNA replicates itself millions of times over your lifetime, a portion of the Telomere erodes.   When the Telomeres are gone, the cell can no longer replicate itself and it dies.  This "cell death" results in defective or dysfunctional tissue which can cause the body to become vulnerable to illness and disease.  Yes, I know, it's called getting old.  However, a very important additional benefit of adequate Nitric Oxide is that it supports the natural production of Telemerase.  Telomerase is the enzyme that protects and repairs the Telomeres.  And, like Nitric Oxide, it too decreases dramatically with age, especially once you reach 40.  Thus, there is a positive, cascading, and multiplying effect of LET in that by increasing your Nitric Oxide levels, it also supports the natural production of Telomerase, thereby slowing down the erosion of your Telomeres and extending your life.  That's a good scenario.  :-)

:  The LET photon energy absorbed by the cells acts to stimulate the natural production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the basic energy source of all cells in the body.  In fact, ATP is the basic energy source of all living organic systems on the planet.  The energy from ATP powers the aerobic respiratory and metabolic processes and the regeneration of DNA and RNA.  ATP also supports the repair of cellular elements.  And yes... you guessed it.  ATP also declines rapidly with age.  Low ATP levels can be a major contributing factor to why you are tired, easily fatigued, and have low energy when your reach your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

:  LET reduces the excitability of nerve tissue by interruption of the pain signal being transmitted by nerve fibers.  LET generates endorphins and serotonin... the feel-good stuff.  When there is pain, the tissue is in a state of tension and inflammation.  LET relaxes the tissue, followed by muscle relaxation and reduced pain.  Pain not only affects you, but everyone around you.  And, as you know, it can severely affect your quality of life.

:  Stress, Inflammation, and Pain are all interrelated bad guys, joined at the hip.  If you have Inflammation, you will have Pain.  If you have Pain, you have Inflammation.  So, if you have Stress, you will develop inflammation, and if you have Inflammation, you will have pain which results in more Stress!  It's a vicious circle!  However, as you are able to increase Circulation through LET, i.e., Nitric Oxide,  you will reduce Inflammation.  When you reduce Inflammation, Pain is reduced, and when Pain reduced, Stress is reduced.  Bottom Line:  LET reverses the Stress-Circulation-Inflammation-Pain-Stress (SCIPS) cycle.  It's that simple.

Are there other benefits of LET?

Yes.  Studies have shown that LET provides at least 24 healing benefits.  Of course since we are all different, your results will vary depending upon the degree and length of times you have experinced your particular issue, along with your body's natural ability to heal itself.  Remember, LET is all about bringing the body back towards its orignal, natural balance.  My favorite expression is:   "A balanced body is a healthy, happy body!"

Benefits may include:

- Decreased tension
- Increased range of motion

- Diabetic clients with peripheral neuropathy typically may experience an increase in sensation to pressure and hot/cold.
- Increased Lymphatic drainage
Elevated mood
- Increased energy
and many others.

For examples of how LET stimulates Nitric Oxide and its healing effects on the body... watch this video by Dr. Thomas Burke, Director of the Medical School at the University of Colorado.

Does LET have any side effects?  Is there anyone who should not use LET?
All the years of research and applications of LET indicate no negative side effects.  That's the beauty of LET.  It's all natural, non-invasive, and drug-free!  In the over 1,000 client sessions I have conducted over the past four years, I have had no negative side effects.

Those who should NOT use LET are:

- If you are pregnant, epileptic, prone to seizures, or light sensitive.
- If you taking any medications, first consult your pharmacist to see if  it would make you light-sensitive. If so, you would not be a proper candidate.
- Also, LET is not be used on a localized cancer site.

So if LET is so great, why haven't I heard about it?

Maybe you just don't get out much?  Ouch!  OK, I'm sorry.  I take that back!  Actually LET has over 50 years of successful application with over 20,000 research studies, and is in use on every continent except Antarctica.  Like me... the reason you may have not heard about it is that it has been used primarily at the "Institutional" level using big, bulky, equipment, and it is VERY expensive!  Been to a hospital lately?  Due to space age spinoff and miniaturization, LET is now affordably available.

Is LET safe?  Who uses LET?

Yes.  The FDA "approves" Food and Drugs.  They "clear" devices.  I selected my particular equipment because it is FDA-cleared safe for use, is UL listed, and is made in the good old USA by a company with a 30-year successful track record of manufacturing LEDs.  You do not need a prescription and no medical supervision is required.  Home use equipment is also available for rent or purchase if you are interested.

LET is in use around the globe to include:
- NASA: Cosmonauts, Astronauts, and the International Space Station
- Army Rangers
- Navy SEALs and Submariners
- Veterinarians (for at least 20 years)
- Sport figures
- Athletic teams
- Medical Centers
- Health Clinics, etc.

LET has been studied by:
- The National Cancer Institute
- The Mayo Clinic (Dr. Jeffrey Basford, MD)
- Stanford University (Kendrick Smith)
- NASA (Dr. Harry Whelan)
- and many, many others.

So what should I expect?  Of course results vary with the individual.  As I said, no two of us are the same.  My clients have reported results ranging from noticeable to amazing after several sessions.

The following is just a few of the results reported by my clients:

- Before, I was getting up 3 and 4 times a night.  Now, maybe once or not at all.  If there was nothing else, my new ability to sleep soundly through the night is worth it. G.R., Retired Railroad Executive. "Snowbird" visitor from Michigan

-The pain in my shoulder and knee that I have had for years... is gone!  P.S., Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Fort Walton Beach, FL

- The arthritic pain in my hands has been significantly reduced.  I am also sleeping better.  N.F., Healthcare Liaison Account Executive. Panama City, FL

- The neuropathy pain in my foot is slowly subsiding.  J.R., Retired. Fort Walton Beach, FL

- My injured rotator cuff has been healed.  I can now raise my arm above my head!  Fixed my Rice Crispy knees also.  B.B., Retired Air Force Pilot. Fort Walton Beach, FL

-  My overall feeling of "wellness" has increased in multiple areas.  This has changed my outlook on life.  C.S., Retired RN. Visitor from Texas

- The extreme neuropathy pain in my feet has subsided to the point where I can walk again!  L. W., Retired Life Coach. Destin, FL

- After several years of debilitating pain in my hip and legs, and not being able to golf with my husband, I played 18 holes of golf this past weekend!   We are now doing things together again!  C.A., Medical Technician. Fort Walton Beach, FL

- I have finally experienced significant relief after years of the extreme pain of neuropathy.  K.V., Retired Aviator, Fort Walton Beach.

- For years I have been limited to my driving range due to the  random debilitating pain up and down my left side.  I now drive to Orlando on a regular basis.  J.H, Retired.  Fort Walton Beach

- My blood pressure was over 200.  After several weeks it is now stable at 120.  My doctor has been aware of my light therapy sessions, and has significantly reduced my blood pressure meds.  H.G. Retired USAF Pilot, Fort Walton Beach, FL

-  My pain is gone!  I can move my leg!  This is amazing! C.M. Construction, Navarre, FL

-  This is wonderful.  I've never felt so relaxed.  I wish more people could feel this.  P.W. ARNP, Pensacola, FL

- I've been to chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and you are the first one who has got me out of pain!  L.B. Fort Walton Beach, FL

- I have always felt like I was stepping on a golf ball with needles.  Now it's like a marshmallow with no pain!  E.W. Fort Walton Beach, FL

- Buddy, thanks to you... I can walk again!  K.V. Retired Naval Aviator, Fort Walton Beach, FL

- Where is LET available?  

Sessions are by appointments only.  I conduct them in my home studio or in your home or office provided there is another adult present.  For any session over a five mile radius from the studio I add the standard IRS-allowed business mileage. If you have questions you can reach me at 850-582-4929.  If I cannot pick up immediately, please leave a voicemail.

What is the fee for an LET session?
Current LET industry-standard fees now range from $89 to $119 or more for a 20 to 30 minute session.  I only charge $64 or a 50-minute session.
  A "session" consists of an initial consultation and informed consent briefing, followed by a three-part 50-minute light session.  I use multiple pad positions and frequency settings to de-stress and relax the body to allow it to begin to heal itself and then target the specific areas of concern.  Complimentary and reinforcing LET session protocols include Deep Breathing, Hydration, TMJ Relaxation and Alignment, Lavender Aromatherapy, Negative Ions, relaxing musical soundtracks, and Thought Pattern Instruction.  My wife and able assistant, Jackie, helps me with the female clients in a private, calm,  relaxing, and confidential setting.  We surpassed 1,000th successful client sessions with over 100 clients!  I say successful because as expected there have been no negative side effects and the r
esults have ranged from noticeably positive to amazing!

Is LET covered by insurance?
To my knowledge... unfortunately, not at this time.  Complimentary and Integrative healthcare protocols have historically had to weather the phases of "traditionalacceptance, regardless of their long and well-documented histories of success.

Finally, here are the most frequently asked questions about LET:
1.  Will LET...?  STOP! 
People typically describe a medically-diagnosed condition and ask if LET will "cure" it?  LET does not "cure" or "fix" anything.  I don't "cure" or "fix anything."  I administer LET.  As described above, LET increases circulation, protects the Telomeres, and reduces inflammation, pain, and stress.  By doing all of the above, the body is brought back toward balance (homeostasis) and it begins to "heal itself" as it was designed to do.  Nature's way is the best way.

2.  How long before I will see results? 
As also mentioned above in "What does LET do?... results will vary with the individual based on the factors listed.  My two years of experience with clients with a wide variety of issues (primarily involving inflammation and pain) indicates that is takes several closely-spaced sessions to begin to see relief.  Common sense should indicate that you should not expect to resolve a long-standing serious health issue in just two or three sessions.  It may have taken years for your body to reach its current condition, so it will obviously take time for the body to repair itself.  Be patient.  Give the body the ingredients it needs to support its own natural healing abilities.

3.  How often will I need to have sessions?  This can best be answered by asking yourself... "How often do you change the oil in your car, or check the air in your tires?  If you did it one time and never did it again... what would happen over the lifetime of your car? Just like your body, your car would continue to "get older" and the functions would deteriorate.  A wise plan would be to simply do what you could to slow down the effects.  The word is maintenance.  My personal motto is to "Help the body heal itself first... then develop the discipline to follow a regular maintenance schedule to minimize the relentless effects of aging."  Again, initially this is several closely-spaced sessions, then a transition to a reasonable maintenance schedule.  I work with each client to develop a mutually agreeable and personal maintenance schedule, such as once or twice a week, or once every other week, etc.  Since every client it different it depends on their progress.

So, what more can I say?

Take charge of your health and take advantage of this amazing natural health modality today!  Reduce stress and live a longer, healthier, and happier life!  A balanced body is a healthy, happy body.  And, remember... it is convenient, non-invasive, painless, affordable, with no side effects, and best of all... no drugs!  

Thanks!  Buddy

Need a Guest Speaker?  If you belong to a public or private organization (within say, a 20-mile radius of Fort Walton Beach), that might be interested in hearing about Light Energy Therapy (LET), I would be very happy to provide a free 25 to 30-minute presentation with a question and answer period.  I offer free seminars throughout the local area to raise the awareness and understanding of LET and its many benefits.

A few of the organizations that I have had the privilege of being invited to as guest speaker include the:
- Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce
- Navarre Rotary Club
- Eglin AFB Health and Welfare Center
- Fort Walton Beach Kiwanis Club
- Emerald Coast Healthcare Organization
- Okaloosa County Veterans Center
- Residents of the Meridian at Westwood Senior Living Resort
- Northwest Florida Military Officers Association
- Emerald Coast Philosophical Society
- Emerald Coast Republican Women's Federation
- Annual Holistic Mind, Body, and Spirit Festival
- Fort Walton Beach Rotary Club
- Fort Walton Beach Optimist Club
- Bluewater Bay Rotary Club
- Okaloosa County Extension "Pacesetters" organization
- Fort Walton Beach First Presbyterian Church group
- Emerald Coast Meditation Society
- Niceville-Valparaiso Kiwanis Club
- Eglin AFB Retired Officers Wives Cub
- Fort Walton Beach Lions Club
- Bob Hope Village residents

Finally, over the past three years I voluntarily offered my 12-hour, 8-week course on LET for the Center for LifeLong Learning (CLL), at the University of West Florida, Fort Walton Beach Campus.  I personally developed this course and it was the first of its kind to be taught at the CLL.   

Light for Life
A Division of Buddy Bowman Consulting
"Lighting your way to a healthier day"
Buddy Bowman
Quantum Light Energy Coach

For more info on my practice and mego to my Natural Awakening Magazine interview at:

Please note that the above comments are based on commonly accepted research practices and my own professional opinion.  To the best of my knowledge, they are believed to be true and accurate.  They have not been evaluated by the FDA.  However, my equipment is cleared by the FDA, is UL Listed, and made in the good old USA.

This site is for natural health and wellness educational and awareness purposes only, and is in no way intended to provide medical advice.  Seek a reputable, licensed physician if you have any medical issues.

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